My name is James.  I love my wife and children with all of my being.  God is the foundation and direction for life.  Feel free to hollar at me at coffeedrinkingpreacher@gmail.com.

How many times do we have regrets when it is too late to do anything about them?  If we had time to do things over, would we?  I don’t want to wait until my latter days to change what my convictions push me to do today.  Bottom line, God gave us freedom to live.  Living is all about loving God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength.  That can only result in loving my neighbor as myself.


6 comments on “About

    • Jason! Im glad you came by. I am not too savvy with doing this site stuff. I have to credit the pre-designed themes on WordPress for the look. But, I will let you praise it all you want.

      You get bonus points for respecting coffee, too! Hey, do you mind if I add your site to my blogroll? 😉

  1. Hey James.. thanks for posting a link to my site… but would you mind changin it to my new site at pangea? That would be great. Keep up the good work!!!!

  2. Hey James,

    I’ve been catching up with you a little at weight watchers, and so I wandered over here to check your blog out. Very thoughtful blog, and I am enjoying it. I am a Christian who takes his faith very seriously, and by way of flavor, I woke up one morning and discovered that there was a name for my particular reading of the Bible–it happens to be Calvanistic. However, I spent most of my youth in Baptist churches, so I have a foot in the non-calvanist traditions as well. Anyway, keep on writing. Do you ever publish your sermons online? MP3 sound files would be a great idea, and your flock might like it as well. I would be interested in listening to you or reading them.



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